Who we are

Hi! I am Urban Earth Photography. But really, I’m a husband and father that loves to finds beauty through my camera. My name is Scott and I’d love to introduce you to my lovely wife Stacy and our Story.

October 2004 : She says sayonara to California and heads to South Africa to love and care for little babies at a small, family-run orphanage known as TLC Ministries.

February 2005 : He hops on a plane in Brisbane, Australia and arrives in Johannesburg to work at the same orphanage. They casually cross paths in the nursery and meet for the first time. The encounter was friendly, but no sparks were flying.

February 2005 – May 2005 : Their friendship grows as they realise they have a lot of common interests.  Music, art, photography, family, faith, the list goes on. But still, no sparks.

June 2005 : The first date that wasn’t supposed to be a date. Someone gives him tickets to a Guy Tillim photography exhibit at the Johannesburg Art Gallery. He decides to ask his new friend who happens to share his love of photography. They linger over the photos, chat with the photographer and sip beer while sharing some laughs and life stories. They were hungry on the way home so he takes her to Spur for a cheeseburger. If you’re not from South Africa, you probably won’t know what this place is, but look it up, it’s super classy. Oh wait. No. No it’s not. Later, they arrive back at TLC but sit in the car sharing more laughs and stories. The conversation gets more personal and stories more heartfelt. When they finally parted ways at 4:00 in the morning, there were definitely sparks. At last!

October 2005 : He follows her back to California where he nervously meets her parents, friends and family.

November 2005 : They part ways and put the Pacific Ocean between them. They learn that the long-distance relationship thing is super fun.  Oh wait. No. No it’s not.

February 2006 : She hops on a plane and sets foot on Australian soil for the first time. Her turn to nervously meet his parents and family. The day after she arrives, while still jet-lagged, he wakes her up before dawn to take her to Currumbin Beach so she can watch her first sunrise on the ocean (being a West Coast girl, she was very familiar with sunsets on the ocean, but not sunrises). As the sun peeked out of the sea, he asked her to be his wife!

May 2006 : He bids farewell to Australia and lands in San Francisco. A few days later they head to the courthouse on her lunch break to get married so he can stay in the country. True story. It’s a long story as to why it all came about this way, but it was legit.

July 2006 :  The “real” wedding. In Santa Cruz, before God, friends and family and under a sun that was throwing down some 95 degree heat, they pledge their love and exchange their vows. What God has joined together, let no man separate.

June 2007 : While she is working as a preschool teacher and he is painting houses, she encourages him to pursue his lifelong passion of photography. Money was tight but the dream was big. They officially become Urban Earth Photography!

May 2009 : With their first baby on the way and due in August, they buy their first home and begin remodelling.

June 2009 : Finish a complete remodel and move in with 6 weeks to go before baby. Plenty of time!

July 2009 : Oh wait. No. No it’s not. Baby was so excited to see her new house and meet her parents, she decided to come a month early. Havyn joins the family and is welcomed into a home full of love and packing boxes.

December 2011 : The day after Christmas, little Luca makes his entrance into the world. He was in such a hurry, he was nearly born in the car on the way to the hospital. True story!

May 2013 : After realising they needed a major life change, they sold their home and packed all of the essentials into 8 huge suitcases. Everything else was put in a shipping container and set out to sea. The Wilson family arrives in Australia for a fresh start and a new life.

June 2013 : Urban Earth Photography is officially up and running in Australia!

January 2014 : They learn they will be expecting a new little one and head to the doctor for a routine ultrasound. They are floored to learn that not one, but TWO babies will be joining their family!

August 2014 : Olivia and Isla arrive (thankfully not on the freeway, but close) and complete their family of six. SIX!